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Yes we can change if we get approval from ABH. If the salary is more than 57400, legaly we are eligible to change job. After getting offer letter ask employer to fill Ezb (https://helsinki.diplo.de/blob/2452350/f4bc96ec3d59c744782bc9123f556d97/erklaerung-zum-beschaeftigungsverhaeltnis-data.pdf). Mail both offer letter and ezb to Abh. It is always advisable to resign from your current job only after getting aproval from Abh. You should always contact Abh in the city where you are living first. Incase if you have worked more than 24 months in current company, you can change job without any approval.

Nothing! India Initiative’s mission is beyond financial aspirations and revolves around contributing to laying down the foundation of our community’s integration in Germany. Our well-established partner collaborations make it possible for us to bring you the best at no cost! For more information get in touch with us using the below link : https://go.indiainitiative.de/meeting-ig/

India Initiative’s collaborations extend beyond Germany and Europe all the way to our homeland! We maintain partnerships with financial advisory companies in India that frequently assist our clients in dual–nation tax consultation and property leveraging amongst other NRI financial services. For more information get in touch with us using the below link : https://go.indiainitiative.de/meeting-ig/

The mortgage journeys we embark on with our clients can vary depending on the complexity of the cases as well as how long the negotiations based on the customers’ preferences last. Not to toot our own horn, but the fastest mortgage approved at India Initiative is within 56 hours! For more information get in touch with us using the below link : https://go.indiainitiative.de/meeting-ig/

German law dictates that the right to buy a property is reserved by all its residents, foreigner or national! However, different policies and terms apply to different visa types and this may or may not impact the intricacies of your mortgage process. India Initiative has worked with customers under all different visa classes and has firm strategic tools/partnerships in place to make your mortgage a reality. For more information get in touch with us using the below link : https://go.indiainitiative.de/meeting-ig/


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IT Services

In today's competitive market, a company needs a lot of help from people who have mastered website and software development and can help you scale up your business ecosystem with cutting-edge solutions. Indians In Germany is an unstoppable source of digital transformation technologies and processes. We make every effort to disrupt the current trend by providing a comprehensive solution for both businesses and users.

IT Recruitment

We help to companies hire people for open IT positions. As a recruiter, you'll seek out candidates who have the specific skills an employee wants, such as programming skills or technical expertise. ... Find out more about what it's like to work in th

Website Development

We at Indians In Germany provide world-class web solutions for your organization. We take delight in bringing together your ideas and ours to produce a website that is a true extension of your business image.

Ready to Use solution

We provide a variety of ready-made IT solutions based on your needs, allowing you to outperform your competitors and achieve your business objectives.

Mobile Application Development

At Indians in Germany, We plan, code, and implement. Before starting the development process, we as a responsible IT partner ensure that we have a thorough understanding of our client's specific requirements so that we can help them in achieving thei

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